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The school motto is “Audax et Fidelis”, which may be translated as “courageous and faithful”. We have tried to live up to the intent of this motto by fidelity to the teachings and moral values of our Catholic faith.

Senator O’Connor College School (O’Connor, or OCS) was founded by the Brothers of the Christian Schools and the Daughters of Wisdom in 1963. The high school was built on land given to them by Senator Frank P. O’Connor, founder of Laura Secord, a Canadian chocolatier and ice cream company in the 1930s.

Senator O’Connor’s House and Garage, and another building, belonging to the Christian Brothers still exist on Campus, and the Christian Brothers still lived there up until 2000.

The Christian Brothers could sometimes be seen around the house and would occasionally communicate with the staff and students of the school. For the most part they were rarely seen, but every now and then students would be allowed to enter the house or to talk to the brothers. The faculty would also stop by regularly to chat with them.

The school used to be split up into three main structures: the main O’Connor building , the JJ Lynch building, and a later addition of a complex of portables under one roof called the “Taj” or affectionately named the “Taj Mahal”. There was also another area with over a half dozen portables. There used to be an indoor swimming pool connected to the house, but it was torn down sometime in the late 80s or early 90s. The Christian Brothers’ house was located in the center of the campus, and so students would pass right in front of it or around it on all sides daily.

The Christian Brothers’ house has been marked as a historic site by the City of Toronto and is protected as such.
Originally the main high school was built to hold 700 students and by the 90s the student population almost doubled that figure. Additions to the school such as the “Taj” were made over the course of the school’s history. By 1995 talks of building a new school on the property began. This project was protested by local residents until its approval sometime in the early 2000s. The old buildings were torn down and a large new modern 2 storey high school which opened in the fall of 2005 is now in place.

The former address of the school was 5 Avonwick Gate. The current address of the new Senator O’Connor College School is 60 Rowena Drive. The address change occurred because the entrance to the school was moved to the opposite end of the property that opens onto Rowena Drive. The new building, designed by Kearns Mancini Architects Inc., was partially built where the Lynch building previously stood as well as on the old athletic field.

The Arts

Without a doubt the creative community at O’Connor has established itself as an energetic, active, group of artists. Students of the Arts are encouraged to be painters, musicians, actors, illustrators, singers, writers, photographers, film makers, and sculptors. O’Connor supports one of the richest arts programs available in TCDSB.

Arts courses are offered at all grade levels in Drama, Music and Visual Arts, and Vocal Music. Options include Keyboard, Guitar, Design, Computer Art, and Photography.


Athletic Council
Baseball – Junior Boys/ Varsity
Basketball – Junior Boys/Girls, Senior Boys/Girls
Cross Country Running
Field Hockey – Girls Varsity
Football – Junior Boys/Senior Boys
Rugby – Girls Varsity
Rugby – Junior Boys/ Senior Boys
Soccer – Girls/ Junior Boys/Senior Boys
Softball – Girls
Swim Team
Table Tennis
Track and Field
Volleyball – Junior Boys/Girls,Senior Boys/Girls
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